Cable TV Providers in NZ

A system that delivers television programming through radio frequency (RF) signals with transmission via coaxial cables to consumers is called a cable television. Recently, fiber optic cables with light pulses are used mostly for Cable TV transmission. Making a choice for the best cable TV provider could be tasking but this guide outlines some of the top cable TV providers in New Zealand which are listed below.

1. Sky TV

Constantly and relentlessly evolving with time, Sky TV has been a major player in the cable TV industry in New Zealand. Their programs are top-notch and they occupy the peak position when it comes to the world of cable TVs in NZ. Sky TV has several packages which ranges from starter up to premium packages on kiddie’s show, movies, music, lifestyle, and food. These packages include:

Sky Movies – This package features classic movies, premieres, action and blockbusters and it attracts a monthly subscription of $20.93.
Sky Entertainment – Features on this package includes News, documentaries, premium UJ shows, variety box sets, etc. and its monthly subscription is $25.50.
Sky Sports – This package features full line-up of local and international sporting events and it attracts an addition of $31.99 monthly.

List of channels on Sky TV include – Sky Sport Pop-up, Sky Movie Great, Nickelodeon, MTV Music, Sky Box Office, TVNZ Duke, Sky Arena BBC UKTV, The Breeze TV, Sky News, The Edge TV, Sky Movie Extra.

2. Vodafone TV

This cable TV is a true definition of technology brought to your convenience. Vodafone TV offers you the opportunity to access free-to-air channels, your best apps, and basically bring refined entertainment to you. With Vodafone, you are guaranteed full control over what you watch. There are no subscription packages for Vodafone TV because all channels are free-to-air except for some preinstalled apps which include: YouTube kids, Netflix, Playstuff, YouTube, LightBox, Prime video, and Sky. Some free-to-air channels include: Aljazeera, Hope Channel, Parliament TV, FirstLight, Maori Television, Choice TV, The Edge, TVNZ, Te Reo, HGTV, The Breeze, Shine TV, and Prime TV. Some unique features of Vodafone TV include 3-Day-Rewind (Ability to watch shows that were aired 3 days ago) and 500 hours of cloud recording (Ability to record multiple shows at an instance)..

3. Freeview on Demand

This cable TV provides all the shows from Maori TV on Demand, TVNZ on Demand, and Three Now on Demand and fuses them into one system for free. With Freeview on Demand, you can watch TV with no aerial. With their streaming device (The Dish TV Smart VUX), you can easily stream Freeview Channels and have access to YouTube, Netflix, Google Play, and LightBox.

Some of its features include – Record features, Live TV, On Demand, A2 Recorder (Powered by Android TV), rewind & record documentaries/movies, and Live Pause. Some free-to-air channels on Freeview include: Aljazeera, Hope Channel, Panda TV, Kordia TV, Base FM, Parliament TV, FirstLight, Maori Television, RNZ National, Bravo TV, Choice TV, The Edge, TVNZ, Te Reo, HGTV, Wairarapa TV, George TV, The Breeze, TVSN, APNA Television, Shine TV, and Prime TV


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