Our commitment to quality is assured by a number of systems, standards, practices and processes:

ISO: General Cable’s manufacturing facilities are certified to the ISO 9001 quality standard. This standard assures that formalised business processes are implemented to ensure efficiency, quality, and continuous improvement.

Product Quality: The design, material selection, process control and optimised production involved in the development of our products ensures a total quality performance that meets our customers’ exacting needs.

Lean Manufacturing: General Cable employs lean manufacturing systems that focus on the continuous process of eliminating waste and non-value-added activities, resulting in improved flow of information and materials. The application of these systems across all business processes maximises quality and service as well as improving the level of overall value our customers enjoy.

With these robust systems, our optimised use of resources and the considerable expertise of our people, we’re able to assure a degree of service that sustains excellent customer relationships. We are well positioned to meet the demands and challenges of tomorrow.

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