WORKING SAFER BY WORKING TOGETHER Safety is at the very core of our manufacturing excellence, and is an integral part of our industry leadership and performance. At General Cable, we know a safe and healthy environment for associates around the world is critical. The best way to provide it? By working together to eliminate or manage all conditions and behaviors that could lead to personal injury or occupational illness.

In the past, we have focused primarily on preventing injuries by engineering solutions to
address inherent risks such as reel handling assist devices, revamped machine guards, sound
abatement and eliminating open-blade knife use. While we continue to evaluate engineering
solutions to reduce risks, we are also training our associates on “consequence thinking” to
further enhance our safety culture and remind associates to reduce unintended consequences
by eliminating unsafe behaviors.

We continue to encourage all associates to take individual responsibility for their decisions and
actions, and to be role models of safety excellence for co-workers, families and communities.
We strive for ongoing improvement in safety while complying with all applicable health and
safety laws and regulations. We believe this combined approach to safety will allow us to
achieve our safety vision of Zero & Beyond — because nothing else is acceptable.  For further information, visit our new CSR website,

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